Hidden within the signature Japan Rail Kyoto Station Building, is the beautifully designed and constructed building, the luxurious Hotel Granvia. Over one thousand carefully selected contemporary Japanese artworks are on display within the premises, making this hidden gem a Japanese Arts and Craft-lovers' delight. The surroundings of the city are also to be admired, and include such attractions as mountains, temples, gardens, and historic monuments.

Kyoto is itself surrounded by a number of districts which each contain hidden treasures of their own. For example, the Takao district is only a bus ride from the city, and is famous for its national treasures, mountain temples and pristine mountain scenery.

 (Right: Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto)

(Above: afternoon tea at a Zen temple)

Kyoto is the city where the tea ceremony was developed, and special rituals are performed for tourists to explain the etiquette and Zen ideals involved. To experience the peace of old Kyoto, Ishibe-Koji lane is an extension of the Gion entertainment district and contains charming teahouses, inns, and wooden buildings with miniscule gardens.

Hotel Granvia Kyoto itself is located in such a convenient location such as to provide ready access to the Kansai International Airport and other major destinations including Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka. In addition, it being within the JR Kyoto Station Building Complex also ensures that guests are in very close proximity to the renowned Isetan department store, the exquisite Kyoto Theater specially designed for musicals, underground shopping malls including The Cube, and many dining outlets.

Kyoto Tower, Toji Temple, Nishi and Higashi Hongan-ji Temples, and Shoseien Garden are within walking distance from the Hotel. Also close by are Gion, Pontocho Shijo Kawarea-machi, and the Kiyomizudera Temple. Being so close to Kyoto's most famous tourist sights makes Hotel Granvia Kyoto the ideal choice both for business and leisure.

(Right: the modern and spacious JR Station building in which Hotel Granvia is situated)

(Above: "Sound collage Kyoto 97" by Mr. Masakazu Kobayashi")

The contemporary Japanese artworks on display in the hotel are based on the theme “the contrast of modern and tradition”, and this is manifested throughout the hotel premises. For example the building design itself is very modern containing soaring spaces and glass surfaces, however the service is very traditional, evoking the values of patience, respect, and support. The artwork is by contemporary Kyoto-based artists and includes industrial art along with the more traditional art forms of painting and sculpture. The photographs adorning the guest rooms accentuate this art element, allowing Japanese arts to be experienced by individual guests on a more personal level.

 (Above: an example of one of the Hotel Granvia guest rooms)

In addition to the stunning display of modern artworks, Hotel Granvia hosts a multitude of other features to ensure that your stay is both comfortable and memorable. All the senses are taken care of at Hotel Granvia such that you are left feeling completely pampered and nurtured during your stay in Kyoto.

Dining – within the hotel are 13 fine restaurants and bars ranging from Chinese and Japanese to continental. There are also several dining options including buffet, lounges, bars, and a guesthouse. This multitude of dining options located within the hotel premises, help ensure that your stay is memorable and full of ease.

(Right: one of the many restaurants in Hotel Granvia)

Fitness - contained within the hotel fitness facilities complete with a 20 meter indoor swimming pool, fitness gym, a far-infrared sauna and jet bath, and a wellness center. The convenience and availability of these facilities ensure that while you stay at HG, your fitness does not need to be neglected.

Events and Conference Facilities - Hotel Granvia Kyoto has 12 banquet halls of varying sizes located on the 3rd, 5th and 7th floors. These 12 halls can be further sub-divided into a maximum of 17 separate rooms, with a total area of 3,000 square meters. Kyoto is an international city that often plays host to international conventions and conferences, and accordingly the hotel's banquet halls are equipped with advanced simultaneous interpretation systems, able to support up to six foreign languages. The Genji Ballroom, some 1,200 square meters in size, is one of the largest banquet halls in Kyoto. In addition to these practical features, the sheer design beauty of these rooms leaves you with a sense of wonder and inspiration on top of facilitating your business needs to the upmost extent.

Visual Experiences – the design, contemporary artworks, and local attractions ensure that you will fully absorb the sights of Kyoto during your stay, and thus will have that visual experience to remember the city by. These sights will best describe the blend of tradition and modern which is Kyoto.

Hotel Granvia Kyoto features 539 tastefully decorated rooms, including suites and two exclusive Granvia Floors. Guest rooms feature complimentary high-speed internet access, and are located on the 7th to 15th floors of the building of which the top two floors (14th and 15th) are the exclusive Granvia Floors and feature the Granvia Lounge.

The location, luxury, art display, and conveniences within and surrounding Hotel Granvia, make it the premier choice hotel when staying and experiencing Kyoto. For more information, follow the links below or please contact the hotel directly on:  telephone (81)-75-344-8888, fax (81)-75-344-4400, or e-mail hotel@granvia-kyoto.co.jp

(Right: the stillness present in a Zen temple in Kyoto)

For Reservations please call (81)-75-344-4433 or e-mail r-rsvtns@granvia-kyoto.co.jp.

Link to hotel website: http://www.granviakyoto.com/

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Jean-Christophe Burckhardt and Master Artisan would like to thank the following people for their support in our Crafts in Kyoto, Japan promotional tour and editorials:

Professor Kyoji Tsuji of Seian University for his time and for sharing his expertise as a curator.

Dr. Atsumi Fukui for her assistance in interviewing, translating and editing our articles.

I would also like to warmly thank all the staff at Hotel Granvia for their support and help, with special thanks to Ms Kanako Murayama (International Marketing Director) and her assistant Ms Yuka Murata, the Art Collection Manager Mr. Yosuke Naito, and the Guest Relations Manager Ms. Shiho Ikeuchi.