At Master Artisan we believe that one way to preserve the Spirit of Craftsmanship is to spotlight the work of fine artists, designers, craftsmen and women from around the world. 
Experience has shown us that lovers of fine Craftsmanship love to read about the people behind the crafts, the designs and artwork, to learn about their training, history, motivations and aspirations. 
In order to assist visitors to understand and appreciated the dedication and skill that goes into creating beautifully crafted object and inspiring artworks, we invite you to submit articles profiling your work. 
Profile articles should be at least 350 words.  There is no set maximum, but they generally should not exceed 800 to 1,000 words.  If you have more than 1,000 words, you may want to consider breaking your piece into two shorter articles.
The better the pictures you supply, the more they will speak and inspire the reader.
The following list provides examples of headings and subject matter you may want to touch on to keep our audience engaged:

young designer maker•    Background
•    Training
•    Work philosophy
•    What inspired you to start your craft
•    How you started
•    How you set up studio/workshop
•    About your tools
•    Your first project
•    What you enjoy the most
•    What direction is your work taking
•    What do you believe craftsmanship needs in order to thrive
•    What made you join

The list above is designed as a guide.  It’s not necessary to cover all of the bullet points shown in the above list. 

wooden boxWhen writing your profile, use the third person to describe your background, what you do and what got you into your chosen craft, ie. …what inspired John Citizen to learn ceramics was seeing an exhibition of …
You may include an author bio paragraph where you may promote your work, web site, services, etc.  Please include no more than three links in the author bio. (Anchor text links are allowed.)
For our International launch we are offering profiles (that we accept at our discretion) at no charge, though we require that you back link from your website to your profile at (we will email your exact link and instructions on how to do that).
See samples of profiles at:

Paul Davis
Gudrun Klix
Barbara Campbell-Allen


Any articles you submit must be your original work, it must not infringe copyright, you must be the holder of the copyrights and have the rights to grant us a licence to publish them online and or offline for an indeterminate period. You retain the copyright on what you submit to us.
You understand and agree that the text may be edited and that images may be optimised and cropped. In the articles and editorials Master Artisan will acknowledge that that you are the author and if we use a picture or quote we will also do so wherever it is practical to reserves the right to not accept or publish or publish at a later date the supplied material or part thereof.
By submitting an article to us you have read, understood and agree to comply with the above copyright terms and with our full terms and conditions.


Please submit articles in rich text (*.rtf), plain text (*.txt) or Microsoft Word (*.doc) format.  Photographs (at least one and up to 5) should be in either jpeg, png or tiff format.
You can email your article and jpegs to or mail it to the following address:

Master Artisan
PO BOX 832
Double Bay NSW 1360

We are happy to promote you and your work when you provide quality content.
Thank you for your support for We look forward to receiving your profile. Help us to preserve the Spirit of Craftsmanship!
Jean-Christophe Burckhardt
Master Artisan