Since early roman times masons and other artisans formed associations called guilds to protect the standard and quality of their craft and to regulate the passing on of skills and trade secrets. For today’s guilds the aim is still to foster their craft, support their member and to insure quality and continuity. 

Since time immemorial, Artisans have been the keepers and practitioners of ancient traditions.  These traditions and their spirit are suffering now.  Modern consumerism has sacrificed quality craftsmanship in the name of production efficiency.

Machines cannot create though.  Nor can they innovate or inspire emotion.  Where would we be without the warmth, the passion and the uniqueness that only the Artisan’s work can bring?  Jean-Christophe Burckhardt, founder of Master Artisan, doesn’t want to know.  That’s why he’s created Master Artisan. is the world’s new online directory for the world of craftsmanship and fine design – A new toolbox for the traditional craftsmen and women around the globe.

However, is a directory with a difference.  Burckhardt’s goal has been to create a directory that showcases the beauty and integrity of objects made with passion and dedication by hand.  Moreover, he wanted to craft a directory that would inspire visitors to seek out and contact the designers, craftsman and artisans creating beautiful objects in large and small, well-known and obscure workshops all around us.

Master Artisan is designed to be the premium entry point into the worldwide marketplace of artisans, designers, suppliers, restorers, antique dealers, craft schools and guilds and associations. 

Burckhardt argues, however, that Master Artisan is much more than just a portal.  “It will be the most comprehensive way to interact with the customers, suppliers and lovers of crafts from all over the world – The complete solution we, as artisans, designers and members of the community of craftsmanship, have always needed.”

Master Artisan has been designed by artisans to help restore the Spirit of Craftsmanship around the world.

Using the modern tools offered by the online environment, Burckhardt’s vision is for Master Artisan to serve as a platform through which artisans, craftsmen and designers can fight back and re-establish the social, micro-economic and cultural traditions that humanize the consumer experience and bring deep joy to our lives. 

If Burckhardt’s passion for the Spirit of Craftsmanship is any indication at all, Master Artisan will truly be the modern toolbox for the traditional craftsman.

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