All of my pottery is original and handmade; each piece is unique. I create Raku pottery, Horse Hair pottery, and both functional and decorative stoneware.

Functional Pottery is not only useful, but is also used as decorative accents. I’m drawn to the bright colors and endless possibilities of the decorated surface. The pieces are colorful & contemporary white earthenware pottery. They are individually airbrushed with underglazes, making each piece unique. After bisque firing, they are brushed with a bright clear glaze and fired again. Each piece is ready to hang on your wall and they are food safe.

  #1 Red Wall platter, Functional           #2 Yellow Wall platter,                         #3 Yellow/Red wall platter,
  Pottery, 15" wide.                                   Functional Pottery, 15" wide               Functional Pottery, 15" wide

#4 Yellow/Red Decorative Bowl, Functional Pottery, 15" wide, 5" high.

#5 Red Wall Platter, Functional Pottery, 15" wide.

Raku Pottery is beautifully unpredictable. Raku is a centuries-old technique from Japan. A raku glaze, metallic or crackle, is applied prior to firing. Pottery is quickly removed from the kiln and is still so hot that it is nearly translucent. Using long metal tongs, the piece is quickly transferred to a metal container filled with combustible material, such as newspaper or sawdust. The hot pottery immediately ignites these materials and starts the chemical reaction that results in these one-of-a-kind pieces. Oxygen is removed from the clay and is replaced by carbon, so white clay now turns black and the unique finish of the glaze is achieved.

#6 View of Raku firing.

  #7 Raku Basket, 19" tall.                #8 Raku Vase, 10" tall.

Horse Hair pottery is produced with a variation of the raku firing technique. Each piece begins its journey on the wheel and is handled between 15 to 20 times before completion. After shaping the still moist piece is scraped with a thin metal rib to remove finger marks and ensure a smooth surface. The pieces are then coated with several coats of "terra sigilatta" (a very fine suspension of clay particles in water). Each coat is allowed to dry before preceding with the next. Once the final coat is dry it is then hand burnished to give the pot a glassy sheen. No glazes are used in this process. The pieces are then bisque fired to 1900 F. Once cooled the piece can be coated with several coats of Ferric Chloride to give it the reddish color. The depth of the color depends on the number of coats of ferric chloride. The pieces are then returned to the kiln and fired to 1200 F. At this temperature they are quickly removed from the hot kiln, and horse hair is then applied. As it touches the hot surface it sizzles leaving behind a distinctive carbon pattern on the piece. Once cooled they are washed in soapy water to remove any excess carbon. When dry it is then waxed and hand buffed to bring out the beauty of the piece. These pieces are not suitable for storage of food or liquids. Their beauty is their function!

                     #9 Horse Hair Platter, 15" wide.                                          #10 Horse Hair Platter, 15" wide.

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