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Robert BarronRobert Barron

Born in Harpenden, England, in 1957, Robert Barron commenced potting full-time in the family pottery at Croydon, Victoria, in 1976.    
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Australia TalksAustralia Talks - Artisan Trade

Artisan trades are booming, particularly artistic crafts such as beading, scrapbooking and quilling. But meanwhile some traditional trades such as tatting are at the verge of extinction. And how do...   
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 A History of Woodwork

 Rubbing Out a Finish.

 Modern guilds

 Super Smooth Oil Finish

 Filling the Pores of Wood

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Paul Davis - potteryPaul Davis

Using his own Kagero or ‘heat haze’ clay and his own Hagi style rice husk ash glaze (and Oribe style glazes on other platters), Paul Davis is creating a series which is, to the casual Australia...   
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 Graham Hay - The Cutting Edge

 Barbara Campbell-Allen

 Kwi-Rak Choung

 John Dermer

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