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What Master Artisan delivers to Artisans and Designer Makers
The Spirit of Craftsmanship
  • Restores an appreciation of the
    value and virtue of handcrafted
  • Communicates your passion and
    heritage and educates visitors
    about your craft
  • Elevates appreciation for the way
    that your products and services are
    imbued with quality
  • Associates your work with Master
    Artisan: the world's leading
    brand for quality craftsmanship
Growth for your business
  • Finds the appreciative customer
    and provides you with world
    recognition and exposure
  • Exposes you to the world's
    leading interior designers and
  • Lets you find the answers to your
    specific questions via worldwide
    forums and publications
  • Helps you source hard to find
    tools and materials from a
    connected global community
A crafted online web solution
  • Global directory listing
  • Global tender in and out facility
  • Global wholesale gallery
  • Virtual workshop tours
  • email marketing
  • e-newsletter
  • Targeted online advertising
  • Global forums
  • Crafted website design
  • Editorials and profiles
  • Calendar of events
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