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The Team at Master Artisan
Jean-Christophe Burckhardt
Director and Founder
Jean-Christophe Burckhardt was developed by Jean-Christophe out of his passion for preserving the Spirit of Craftsmanship. Jean-Christophe has been working as an artisan and designer himself for over 25 years. Growing up in Switzerland, Jean-Christophe was immersed from a very young age in Europe's rich traditions of craftsmanship.
As a young adult, Jean-Christophe studied Art History in Italy, where he spent 10 years in Rome immersed in artistic inspiration. He then trained in the south of France, learning a number of crafts, including traditional roof joinery, stone masonry and furniture making - while working on old farmhouses as a restorer.
In the middle of his career, Jean-Christophe spent a number of years training and practicing as a psychotherapist. This experience has equipped him with a special sensitivity for the challenge of promoting quality crafted design and the Spirit of Craftsmanship.

In 1980 Jean-Christophe began working in antique furniture restoration and over the years developed a business employing up to 15 craftsmen, training many from apprenticeship through to full tradesmen. Specialising in quality handcrafted furniture, he has been represented in a number of editorials in leading interior design magazines. He also authored two chapters in the Readers Digest book "Woodcrafts of the World", which was on the non-fiction best sellers list and translated into eight languages. As a craftsman and designer, Jean-Christophe understands the values and needs of artisans in their world. This current project represents 15 years of working and reflecting on the best way to make a real contribution in this field on a global scale.

You can contact Jean-Christophe at

Garry Schultz
Business Consultant
In addition to his experience with small business, Garry has over 16 years experience with one of the world’s largest and most prestigious consulting and financial advisory firms. Garry draws on that experience to provide a range of strategic, business, operational, financial and accounting advice to the Master Artisan project. Garry is passionate about business ethics and making a difference to the socio-economic reality of artisans and the community of craftsmanship.

“It’s a real pleasure to be involved with the Master Artisan project. It’s easy to be passionate about something you know can make a real difference to the quality of people’s lives.”

You can contact Garry at
Majka Bilkova
Graphic Designer

Majka is herself a designer maker specialising in contemporary jewellery which glows in ultraviolet light. Majka studied art in the Czech Republic and came to Australia 4 years ago to study multimedia. Majka works as our graphic designer and assistant marketing person.

"I enjoy the diversity of our project. There are many interesting things and people to cooperate
with every day."

You can contact Majka at

Léa Duchateau
Administrative Assistant
Lea works as artisan research assistant and is involved in creating the directory bars. Lea also assists with marketing and office organisation and contributes to the d evelopment of the website. Lea studied in France and has a master diploma in ecotourism.

"I travel because I love to share my French culture with other people, so there is no better job for me than this one, to help craftsmen around the world to share their crafted products and promote their know-how... i think this project could be the best way to approach globalisation: keep and promote what is best in each country."

You can contact Léa at

Johnson Chen
Senior Analyst Programmer

Johnson has 7 years IT project experiences and brings great enthusiasm and intelligence to his work. As Senior Analyst Programmer, he has responsibility for web application development and site functionality. In his words, “The most important thing for people’s career is not how much money they earned but how many values they created”.

“A successful business comes from good idea, is implemented by smart people and is resulted from hard work. Master Artisan is a good start.”

You can contact Johnson at

Jonathan Stylianou
TV Production Manager
Kenso Productions has joined forces with Master Artisan to deliver Multi-functional, Time-based art. From filming to editing, web delivery to DV authoring, Jonathan is dedicated to assisting Master Artisan capture the moving image within their creative framework.

“Master Artisan is an organisation striving to connect people. From stonemasons to antique dealers, glass blowers to cabinet makers, this holistic approach is what sets them apart from the rest. All our efforts are working towards joining people together. This noble cause excites us and motivates.

You can contact Jonathan at

Adam Knobel
Currently works as a journalist and copywriter in the Illawarra and is writing and editing articles for
Coming from a family of carpenters and wood turners, he is proud to be part of an organisation that values the tradition of craftsmanship and supports the role of the artisan.
Adam is in his third year of a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies and a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Wollongong, undertaking a double-major in Journalism and English Literature.

You can contact Adam at
Ruby Yeung Suet Yi
Administration Helper
Ruby is a second year Business Administration student from Hong Kong Baptist University majoring in Applied Economics. She has joined the intership programme so she got a chance to work in Master Artisan. She is staying for few months as a marketing assistant responsible for promoting and designing particular parts of our website.

"Working in Master Artisan is an unforgetable experience to me as I can work with people from different countries. I am learning much about online marketing business and the way to promote a website that is practical experience I could never learn in my classes."

You can contact Ruby at

Viyan Chan Wai Yan
Website Development
Viyan completed her degree in Computer Science (Information Systems) in Hong Kong and came to Australia recently to spend time working with the Master Artisan team. Viyan works with our designers to develop code for our site.

“All my colleagues are from different countries. It is amazing that we can work together as a team and communicate English. Under their professional guidance I can develop my experience in IT and learn a lot about online marketing business.”

You can contact Viyan at

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